PEM-1002 – Physiology of Exercise

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This Page Covered AMU Notes of Paper "Physiology of Exercise" which is AMU M.P.Ed first semester Paper covered below Syllabus             

Title: Physiology of Exercises

Functional Adaptation to Exercise
1.1.1 Hormonal control during exercise
1.1.2 Exercise and neuromuscular System
1.1.3 Metabolic adaptation to exercise
1.1.4 Cardio-respiratory changes
1.1.5 Effects of exercise and training on health and fitness

Energy Continuum and Recovery Process
2.1 Metabolism and exercise
2.2 Recovery From exercise
2.3 Replenishment of energy store During recovery process
2.4 Removal of excess Lactic acid produced during exercise
2.5 Restoration of myoglobin oxygen stores


Exercise in hot and cold environment
3.1 Body Temperature regulations
3.2 Physiological responses to exercise in the heat
3.3 Acclimatization to exercise in heat
3.4 Physiological responses to exercise in cold
3.5 Health risks during exercise in the cold


Altitude and physiology
4.1 Exercise performance at altitude
4.2 Physiological responses to acute altitude exposure
4.3 Chronic altitude exposure and acclimatization
Aging process and Erogogenics
4.4 Age related changes and exercise
4.5 Ergogenic aids and physical activity

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