Print Culture and the mordern World

Mock test of NCERT History Chapter Print culture andthe mordern world

Print Technology Mock Test
1. The first kind of print technology developed in.
All of the above

2. What was the system used before printing.
It was the system of hand painting
It was the system of mechanical printing
It was the system of digital printing
It was the system of block printing

3. Describe the wood blocks printing started in
594 AD
768-770 AD
1295 AD
868 AD

4. What was wood block print.
Books in china were printed by rubbing paper against inked surface of a wood blocks
It was a type of hand-painted art
It was a form of digital printing
It was a type of mechanical printing

5. What was the Chinese accordion book (first printed book)
It was a type of hand-painted art
It was a form of digital printing
It was a type of mechanical printing
As both sides of the thin porous paper could not be printed, so, they were stitched at one end. This was called the Chinese accordion book.

6. Who duplicated these books with accuracy and beautiful
Skilled craftsmen

7. What is calligraphy
The art of beautiful and stylish writing
The art of printing
The art of sculpture
The art of hand-painting

8. Who was the largest producer of printed material
The imperial State of China

9. What is bureaucracy
The recruitment of personal employees through civil service examination
A form of printing technology
The art of beautiful writing
The system of hand painting

10. Why were the books required in China and who sponsored it
To prepare exams and sponsored by the state government
To promote art and literature
To entertain people
To conduct religious ceremonies

11. What made the volume of print increased and when
Introduction of digital printing in the 19th century
From the 16th century, the number of candidates giving exams increased, so the volume of print increased
The invention of the printing press
The decline of print culture in the 18th century

12. How did print get diversified in China?
By the 15th century, urban culture started getting popular in China, and print was not only used by scholars but also by merchants for trade information
By the 17th century, the decline of print culture led to diversification
Print remained confined to scholars and did not diversify
Print was only used for religious texts

13. Who started writing books
Rich women, wives of scholars, and courtesans

14. What became the hub of new print culture

15. The new reading culture was accompanied by?
The decline of technology
The rise of calligraphy
The new technology
The decline of reading culture

16. Who brought the mechanical presses and western printing technology in China?
Japanese missionaries
Chinese scholars
Western powers
Indian traders

17. Who introduced print in Japan and when
Confucius in 500 BC
Buddhist missionaries introduced hand printing technology from China into Japan in 768-770 AD
Marco Polo in 1295 AD
Japanese emperors in the 12th century

18. Which is the oldest printed Japanese book?
The Tale of Genji
The Pillow Book
The oldest Japanese printed book in 868 AD was 'Diamond Sutra' containing 6 sheets of paper and woodcut illustrations
The Tale of the Heike

19. Tokyo was earlier known as

20. Who was Kitagawa Utamaro?
A samurai warrior
A merchant
An artist born in Edo in 1753, widely known for his contribution to an art called ukiyo (picture of the floating world)
A feudal lord

21. How did the people of China reach Europe?
Through the Pacific Ocean
Through the Atlantic Ocean
Through the Silk Route
Through the Indian Ocean

22. What did Europeans do to paper?
They burned it as a ritual
They used it for writing and printing
They converted it into sculptures
They ignored it

23. What are scribes?
Persons skilled in copying texts

24. Describe scribes
Skilled in woodblock printing
Skilled in manuscript copying
Skilled in calligraphy
Skilled in papermaking

25. Who introduced the print in Europe.
Marco Polo
Buddhist missionaries
Western powers

26. What technology Marco Polo introduced in Europe?
Woodblock technology
Digital printing
Hand painting
Manuscript copying

27. What is vallum
A type of ink
A printing press
A parchment made from animal skin
A type of woodblock

28. Who used vallum
Rich individuals

29. What was the limitations with manuscripts
Fragile and expensive
Difficult to read
Could not be copied
Prone to fire damage

30. Who invented the first printing machine
Marco Polo
Buddhist missionaries
Western powers