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Notesmyfoot is a blog portal where you can read detail about Central Universities like Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia etc and their Facilities. You can also purchase their respective courses notes and Papers in the same portal.

To beat today’s cut-throat competition we need both the rabbit’s speed and the perseverance of tortoise. And Notesmyfoot makes you imbibe both up to the outmost.

Taking competitive studies parallel to an academic study is exactly like riding two boats at a time. And the same thing I had faced when I was pursuing my graduation and also preparing for the Mba entrance exam. It was too hard and next to impossible to manage it. And at that time I had wished that may I got some notes or guidance so that I can focus more on my competitive studies.
As we all know necessity is the mother of invention. And this necessity strains all the nerves of my brain and heart and gave birth to Notesmyfoot to facilitate a number of students.

Notesmyfoot having Individualism orientation which helps slow learners and the brilliants students as well.
As per the current and prevailing trend scope of social studies and arts is on their declining slope. And the only reason is its lack of application. Because it is highly difficult to manage academic and competitive studies at a time which deteriorating our capability to think and bring novel constructs and theories.

Notesmyfoot helps in saving time so that students go through with it before attending the lectures and ask all the queries which make their basics concepts very clear and concise. And the effective two-way communication ambiance of a classroom which helps in making the interest and curiosity of the students for good.
Notesmyfoot makes you self-reliance, independent and more confident.

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