AMU Diploma in Engineering (Dip. in Engg.)

AMU Diploma in Engineering Entrance Papers and Syllabus

Now you can download AMU Diploma in Engineering Entrance Papers from our website and Also Syllabus for Diploma engineering of each semester, Now you don’t need to pay any amount for Entrance Papers. Moreover you can find the Amu Subjects Notes as well which is subscription based.

AMU has many Courses which includes Diploma in Engineering(Dip. in Engg.), Bachelor of Engineering (B.E), Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Master of Technology (M.Tech), Bachelor of Arts and Social Science (B.A), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Master of Arts (M.A), Master of Science (M.Sc.), Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib.), Master of library Science (M.Lib.), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Many more.

You can download each syllabus courses syllabus with respect to subjects of Above Courses. Also, You can Subscribe for Subjective Notes of Courses according to your syllabus of courses. is one stop solutions for the students Who want to crack AMU entrance and Who are Pursuing in any course of AMU. You can download Entrance Syllabus, Entrance Papers, Subject Syllabus, Subjects Syllabus as Well as UGC NET syllabus and Many more. 

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Download- AMU Diploma in Engineering Subjects Syllabus

Dip. Engg. Mechanical

Dip. Engg. Production


Dip. Engg. Interior Design

Dip. Engg. Footwear and Leather

Dip. Engg. Electronics

Dip. Engg. Electrical

Dip. Engg. electrical and Instrumentation

Dip. Engg. Computer

Dip. Engg. Architecture

Dip. Engg. Civil

Dip – Mechanical Production RAC Plastic Tech

Dip- common subjects to all branches