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This page covered AMU Notes of Paper “Research Process in Physical Education” Which is AMU M.P.Ed. Paper covered Below Syllabus



Title: Research Process in Physical Education

1.1 classification of Research, Location Of Research Problem,
1.2 Criteria For selection of problem,
1.3 Qualities for a good research.
1.4 Scientific versus unscientific methods of problem solving.
1.5 Alternative models of research.

Methods of Research:
2.1 Descriptive Methods of Research:
2.1.1 Survey Study
2.1.2 Case Study
2.2 Introduction of Historical Research:
2.2.1 Steps in Historical Research.
2.2.2 Sources of historical Research
2.2.3 Primary Data and Secondary Data.
2.2.4 Historical Criticism, internal criticism and external Criticm.
2.3 Experimental Research:
2.3.2 Meaning Natural and Importance
2.3.2 Meaning Of Variable, Types of Variables
2.3.3 Experiment Design – Single Group Design, Reverse Group Design, Factorial

3.1 Meaning and Definition of Sample and Population.
3.2 Types of Sampling and Probability Methods.
3.3 Systematic Sampling, Cluster sampling, Stratified Sampling, Area Sampling ,
Multistage Sampling
3.4 Non- Probability Methods.
3.5 Convenience Samples, Judgment Sampling, Quota Sampling.


Research Proposal and Report Writing:
4.1 Chapterization of Thesis/Dissertation, Front Material, Body Of Thesis- Back
4.2 Method of Writing Research Proposal, Thesis/Dissertation.
4.3 Mechanics of Writing Research Report, Footnote And Bibliography Writing.
4.4 Method of writing abstract and full paper For Presenting in a conference and to
Publishing journals,

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