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MBA 2M01: Advertising Management

Unit I: Field of Advertising Management the Field of Advertising Management, advertising planning and decision-making. The types and classification of advertising; major institutions involved in advertising; role of advertising and marketing strategy. Organizing for Advertising and Promotion: Advertising agency setup and agency compensation. The role and functions of an integrated advertising marketing communication program. The tools of IMC.

Unit II: Advertising Budgeting and Research Models of advertising budgeting. Advertising goals and objectives. Approaches in setting advertising objectives. The communications process. Source, Message and Channel Factors. Perspectives and Researches on how advertising works.

Unit III: Creative Strategy Creative Strategy: Planning and Development; Creative Strategy Implementation and Evaluation

Unit IV: Media Planning and Strategy Evaluation of Broadcast Media, Evaluation of Print Media, Support Media, the Internet and Interactive Media. Media plan development; market analysis for developing media plan. Developing and implementing media strategies.

Unit V: Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness Measuring the Effectiveness of the advertising Program, International Advertising, Regulation of Advertising, Public Relations, Publicity and Corporate Advertising

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