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MBA 2C03: Management Information Systems

Unit I: Introduction to Information Systems Information Concepts, Types of Information Systems, Key Information System Applications in Business, Strategic Role of Information Systems, IS and Business Alignment

Unit II: Organizing Data and Information Data Management, Data Modeling, Database Management Systems, Database Applications, Object-oriented databases, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Mining, Knowledge Management

Unit III: Building Information Systems Introduction to System Analysis and Design, System Development Lifecycle, Alternative Systems Building Approaches-Prototyping, End user computing, Application packages

Unit IV: Telecommunications and Networking Basic concepts, OSI and TCP/IP models, Network topologies, expert systems, applications of AI, Fuzzy, and GA in business

Unit V: IS outsourcing and Latest Development in the Area of Information Systems IS outsourcing concepts, Latest development in the area of IS outsourcing, Information Systems Security and Control; Ethical and Social Impact of Information Systems

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