AMU-MBA 1C07 Notes

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MBA 1C07: Information Technology for Business

Unit I: Fundamentals of Computing Introduction to Information Technology (IT), Scope of IT in Business, Basics of Hardware and Software, Types of Computers, Types of Software.

Unit II: Networks and Telecommunication Introduction to Networking, Network Uses, Intra- and Inter- Organizational Communication, Network Types, Network Topologies, Network Devices.

Unit III: Internet and World Wide Web Introduction to Internet and its Applications, World Wide Web (WWW), E-Commerce, Network and Internet Security Issues.

Unit IV: Applications of IT in Functional Areas IT and Marketing, IT and Finance, IT and OM, IT and HRM, Enterprise Systems, Knowledge Management

Unit V: Emerging Trends in IT Mobile Communication, Bluetooth, Infrared Communication, Global Positioning System (GPS), Smart Cards, Other Imminent Technologies.

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