MBA (Master of Business Administration) – MBA 1C01: Concepts of Management

This Page Covered AMU Note of Paper” Concepts of Management “Which is AMU MBA (Master of Business Administration) Paper covered below Syllabus
Unit I: Introduction Management Meaning, scope and process of management, Managerial skills, Levels and roles, Evolution of management theory.

Unit II: Planning and Decision-Making Meaning, Scope and importance of planning, Strategy making: formulation vs crafting model, Goal setting: vision, mission, objective, strategy, goals and targets, Management by objectives, Decision making; managerial decision making models.

Unit III: Organizing Division of work and various basis of Organizational structure; Power, authority and responsibility, Delegation and decentralization, Coordination.

Unit IV: Actuating and Directing Leadership and collaboration, leader vs. manger; Brief discussion on theories of leadership, Motivating others; Content theories of motivation, Communication process; barriers to communication.

Unit V: Controlling Meaning and process of control, Types of control; financial controls, dysfunctional controls, Emerging issues in management, International dimensions.

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