list of Topic covered in the Paper

Unit I: The United Kingdom
a) Salient Features of the Constitution: Conventions, Parliamentary Government,
Sovereignty of Parliament, Unitary Government, Rule of Law
b) Parliament: The House of Commons and the House of Lords – Composition and Powers
c) Executive: Monarchy – Functions and Position
d) Prime Minister and the Cabinet: Powers and Position
Unit II: The United States of America
a) Salient Features of the Constitution: Supremacy of the Constitution, Presidential System,
Federalism, Separation of Powers and Checks and Parlances, Judicial Review
b) The Congress – The Senate and the house of representative – Composition and Powers
c) Executive – The President – Methods of Election. Powers and Position
d) Judiciary – The Supreme Court: Composition, Jurisdictions and Role
Unit III: Switzerland
a) Salient Features of the Constitution: Federalism Direct Democracy
b) Federal Legislature: The National Council and Council of State – Composition and
c) Plural Executive – Composition and Functions
d) Federal Tribunal – Compositions Jurisdictions

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