AMU B.A History – HSB-155 Notes

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This Page covered AMU B.A History – HSB-155 Notes - HSB-155 MEDIEVAL INDIA (800-1290) Which include below syllabus,

1. The Cholas and Chola Administration, Principal North Indian States.
2. Indian Society and Culture in the 11th Century.
3. The Ghaznavids: Mahmud’s Motives of the Invasions and his major conquests.
Ghaznavid Empire in North Western India.

1. Ghorian Conquests: Possible Factors Behind the Success of the Ghorids, Technological,
Military, Political and Social.
2. Establishment of Delhi Sultanate: Qutbuddin Aibak; Conquests, relations with Yalduz and
3. Iltutmish: Conquests, External Policy. Administration – Iqta System, Army Organization,
Currency, Turkan-i Chihalgani.

1. Ghiyasuddin Balban: Rise of Balban, Balban as Sultan; His measures; Consolidation of
Power, Elimination of Principal Shamsi Officers.
2. Theory of Kingship of Balban.
3. Balban’s external policy: The Mongols.
4. Development of architecture under the Sultans of Delhi.

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