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This Page Covered below syllabusB.A. / B.Sc. (Hons) V Semester (CBCS)
GGB5P3: Astronomy and Map Projection (Practical)

General explanation of the objects of field of astronomy. History and development of
Astronomy, latitudes, longitudes, altitudes, declination, azimuth, celestial horizon, great
circles and small circles, zenith, nadir, hour angle, right ascensions.
Time: Types, local and standard times, longitude and time, International Date Line
Map Projection
General principles, classification, Construction, properties, limitations and uses of
the following projections:

a. Cylindrical : Equal Area and Mercator’s.

b. Conical Projections: One standard conical, two standard, Conical,

c. Zenithal Projections: Gnomonic, Stereographic, Orthographic.

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