List of Topics Covered

Unit I Physiography and Drainage: Physiographic Divisions-The Great Himalyas, IndoGangetic Plain and the Peninsular Plateau. Nature and characteristics of
Himalayan Drainage and Peninsular Drainage; Differences between Himalayan
Drainage and Peninsular Drainage.

Unit II Climate, Soils and Natural Vegetation: characteristics of climate; origin of
monsoon- Halley’s and Flohn’s concepts, classification of climate given by
Koppen: Soils-factors of soil formation; types and characteristic of soils. Natural
Vegetation-factors for the growth and distribution of Natural Vegetation; types
and characteristics of Natural Vegetation.

Unit III Population and Social Geography; Population distribution, growth, and structure,
distribution of race, caste, religion, language, tribes and their correlates.

Unit IV Economic Geography: Distribution and utilization of iron ore, coal, petroleum;
Agricultural production and distribution of rice and wheat, problems and prospects
of cotton textile industry; Trends and Development of Iron and Steel Industry.

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