This page covered B.A. / B.Sc. (Hons) III Semester (CBCS)

1. Weather and climate, elements of climate; Composition and Structure of atmosphere;
Insolation; Heating and cooling of the atmosphere. Heat Budget and latitudinal haet
balance. Adiabatic processes, stability and instability.

2. Atmospheric Temperature. Factors controlling the temperature; horizontal and vertical
distribution of temperature.. Inversion of temperature. Atmospheric pressure: Vertical
and horizontal distribution of pressure. Atmospheric moisture: forms of precipitation
and types of rainfall.

3. Winds: Planetary, periodic and local winds (Loo, Mistral, Fohn, and Chinook), factors
affecting the winds; General circulation of winds. Origin of the Monsoon and its
relation with Jet streams.
4. Air Masses and Fronts: concepts, classification and properties. Tropical and Temperate
cyclones (Polar front theory); Anti-cyclone. Basis of Koppen’s classification; Types
and characteristics.

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