Sir Syed House

The House of Sir Syed Ahmad khan

Sir Syed House Historical Center, situated in the Aligarh Muslim University, is a notable craftsmanship exhibition among local people. Previously the historical center was Sir Syed’s home, the organizer behind Mohammedan Old English Oriental School (which was changed over into Aligarh Muslim College in 1920).

The workmanship display was shaped to multiply mindfulness among individuals about Sir Syed’s commitment to instructive and social improvement. Sir Syed House Gallery displays the individual existence of Sir Syed through his effects alongside exhibiting the historical backdrop of AMU through pictures and put-down accounts.

Sir Syed House Historical Center is separated into three exhibitions. The initial segment shows the existence of Sir Syed and his confidants; the second display features definite progressive phases of Aligarh Muslim College and the third exhibition presents photos of AMU’s grounds and its Bad habit Chancellors. The display additionally shows the photographs of the college’s occasions and accomplishments which occurred throughout the long term.

The Historical Significance of Sir Syed's House

Sir Syed’s home, situated in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, is a critical and verifiable milestone. It was here that he spent an extensive piece of his life and the household’s significant recollections of his commitments to training and social change. The house has been safeguarded as a historical centre, furnishing guests with a brief look into the life and seasons of this surprising figure.

As guests stroll through the rooms of Sir Syed’s home, they leave on an excursion through time, diving into the life and tradition of this visionary figure. Each side of the house uncovers a piece of history, permitting us to interface with the past unmistakably.


The plan of the mosque looks like the immense Mughal Badshahi Mosque of Lahore.

The engravings from the Akbarabadi Mosque (annihilated in 1857) were introduced at the mosque. These engravings are huge as they have been planned by Amanat Khan, who additionally chipped away at the engravings at the Taj Mahal.

You can also check out Amu Centenary Gate and Bab-e-Syed.

Sir Syed and his funeral

On March 27, 1898, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan kicked the bucket at the Kothi, or chateau, of his companion Ismaeel Khan in Aligarh. Sir Syed had moved into this house just a short time before his demise from the wonderful lodge—Sir Syed House—his child Syed Mahmood had purchased for him from an English armed forces official. In 1876, Sir Syed took retirement from legal help and moved from Bena

Sir Syd House, which right now houses the Sir Syed Institute, was outfitted with English-style conveniences, parlour, a dining room, a guest room, and an office where Sir Syed worked and met guests and companions. He needed to take off from that house since drinking had turned Syed Mahmood a little harsh towards his dad. Sir Syed couldn’t see the once splendid child getting sidetracked like this because of weighty drinking any longer and needing to reside freely. He moved to his companion Ismaeel Khan’s home, which was likewise a chateau.