Two giant entrances: AMU Bab-e-Syed and Bab-e-Sadi (Centenary Gate)

Bab e Syed and Bab e Sadi (Centenary Gate)

Amu Centenary Gate and Bab-e-Syed Gate have a long, beautiful history. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan envisioned establishing a university that would aid the young generation of this nation in excelling in every field. Therefore, he prioritized the English language as most of the academic work is done in this language worldwide. While developing department buildings, offices, and other gates, he maintained Islamic architecture and endeavored to give Oxford College an outlook on some structures.

As a viewer, these are merely constructions of bricks and cements with significant classical look which can be admired for the designs, but all the buildings indeed possess history of education, hard-work, passion and goals. It is place which has planted the seed of wisdom in the lives of millions of people since its initiation.

AMU Centenary Gate

The University has undergone many changes and touched huge milestones of development ever since it came into existence. It got renamed Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in 1920. With thriving in every aspect; AMU hit another milestone by constricting the Centenary gate to effectively mark the completion of 100 years of being Aligarh Muslim University. The gate was inaugurated virtually by the university chancellor, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin on the sacred day of 17th October 2020 to honor Sir Syed on his birth anniversary alongside. The Chancellor delightfully congratulated the whole AMU fraternity for this day and made this university progress in their respective roles of teachers, students, administrators, etc.

On 22nd December; the centenary celebration was joined by the respected Prime Minister, Narendra Modi as a chief guest. The PM wholeheartedly congratulated the institute for the same and also of its effectiveness in serving society even in the covid-19 scenario. He referred to the university as mini India and was highly impressed by the diversity AMU has maintained as an institution by taking into account the importance of Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, and Sanskrit languages.

The Centenary gate got constructed near the area of Purani Chungi. The gate is made of red sandstone and the reproduction of Bab-e-Syed gate of AMU, but quite bigger than that. Its structure is beautifully modeled, which evokes and sustains the essence of old-style buildings of Islamic architecture. The gate holds great importance as it opens to all the departments starting from the Commerce department and Minto Circle School, followed by all the other constituent buildings of the institution. This splendid antique look also signifies this institute as being one of the oldest universities of India.

AMU Bab-e-Syed Gate

Bab-e-Syed Gate marks the historical landmark of Aligarh Muslim University. The Gate is the central public gateway to the university, leading to all the departments and faculties, guest houses, Maulana Azad Library (the central library), etc. It is made of red sandstone and some white sandstone. It has cupped arches. The structure has a massive gate in the center with two identical short heightened gates on either side of the middle. 

On the top of the main gate at parapet; there is this lattice-work being done. There are two colossal miners attached to the main-medial gate and on its left and right side; on them, there is the presence of chatter. Similarly, two small miners are attached to both the entrances gates individually with the chatter work there. On the region of white sandstone, some Arabic calligraphy is done.

Bab-e-Syed symbolizes in itself the gateway to the dreams and aspirations of millions of students coming here to learn and gain. It marks the existence of AMU which is still and alive. The gate is of great value to each and every individual who is a part of AMU. All the major rallies and protests take their initial form at this crack AMU entrance exams gate, only marking the importance it has clasped as the AMU main doorway.

The gate counts in the list of some tourist-visiting places of AMU as its design also resembles some Mughal architectures and hence it fascinates many visitors to explore and clearly observe its construction style.


Although, both the gates are identical to one another; both of them are equally important for the university. Both of them mark the strong existence of Aligarh Muslim University as one of the oldest institutions of India. The gates are not just an access key that leads to the university campus but indeed they are the emblems to the directions where one can acquire knowledge and skills. They lead to the buildings which nurture students to excel in their lives at the national as well as international level.

These gates are those representations of this foundation which constantly reminds the people that AMU is worthy enough to conquer the heights of success in every field. It’s as old as Sir Syed Khan’s dreams were and as firm as he has always imagined it to be in his life.

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