Google Digital Garage Module 7 Question Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers

Are you in need of Google Digital Garage Module 7 Question Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers ? If so, you can discover the Make Search Work For You questions and answers from the Google Garage quiz on digital marketing right here. You may use this material to aid with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Quiz Questions and Answers.

There are a total of 6 questions. The right responses are highlighted in blue. You may use these solutions as a suggestion and pass the test, just like I did, who followed the instructions in this post to pass Module 7 of the Google Digital Garage Quiz.

Google Digital Garage Module 7 Question Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 7 Question Answers Check Your Knowledge

1. Making your web pages search friendly

Eric Blake sells the produce from his farm online. He wants to optimize the page that sells fruit and vegetables, so he’s looking into titles and meta tags, headings, and improving his copy.

Can you help Eric choose a suitable title and meta description?

A. Click to select the title – Blake’s Produce: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

B. Click to select meta description – Fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally and delivered straight to your door

2. How other websites can work for you

Eric is working on his website, which sells produce from his farm. He’s thinking of different ways to improve his website so that it appears on more search engine results and gets more traffic.

Which of these ideas will help improve his search visibility?

A. Write recipes that use vegetables that he sells

B. Get lots of likes or followers on social media

C. Encourage others to write about his website

D. Add lots of links to the website

3. Cross borders with SEO

Eric’s farm produce business started locally in the UK, but he’s started getting orders from overseas as well. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, Eric decides to optimize his website to an international audience. What should he avoid doing?

Select the things Eric should avoid then select Submit to remove them.

A. Separating out each language into different pages

B. Having different languages on the same page

C. Adding language annotations to his webpage

D. Using automated services to translate content

4. Which of the following page titles would be most suitable for a website page describing a store’s return policy?

A. How to Send Stuff Back

B. [Company Name’s] Return Policy

C. Return Policy

D. Company Policies

5. Which of the following is a good way to get other websites to link to your site?

A. Keep linking to them until they link to you

B. Send them emails until they link to you

C. Building relationships with similar sites

D. Use as many relevant keywords on the page you’d like them to link to

6. When expanding a business internationally, which of the following is most important to provide on your website?

A. Products and delivery details in the correct currency

B. Time and dates written in the local format

C. Exchange rate information

D. Free giveaways for local customers

Google Digital Garage Module 7 Question Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers FAQ

Q. What is covered in Module 7?

A. Search engine optimization (SEO), which is the process of raising a website’s or web page’s rating in search engine results, is the topic of module 7. By optimizing the website’s content, architecture, and backlinks, may be accomplished.

Q. How long does Module 7 take to finish?

A. Depending on your unique learning style and pace, Module 7 will take you a different length of time to finish. However, the majority of people ought to be able to finish the module in two to three hours.

Q. Does Module 7 have to come before any other modules?

A. No subsequent courses in the Google Digital Garage curriculum require the completion of Module 7. If you are interested in learning more about SEO, it is a worthwhile module to study.


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