Google Digital Garage Module 8 Question Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers

Are you in need of Google Digital Garage Module 8 Question Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers? If so, you can discover the Make Search Work For You questions and answers from the Google Garage quiz on digital marketing right here. You may use this page to aid you with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Quiz Module 8 Answers.

There are a total of 8 questions. The right responses are highlighted in blue. You may use these solutions as a suggestion and pass the test just as I did by following the instructions in this post to pass Module 8 of the Google Digital Garage Test.

Google Digital Garage Module 8 Question Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 8 Question Answers Check Your Knowledge

1. Introduction to search engine marketing (SEM)

Michelle is a wedding photographer in Cardiff. She wants to use search engine marketing to bring customers to her website. Where will her website appear if she uses search engine marketing?

A. 1st Picture

2. The SEM auction

Michelle has created some adverts to promote her wedding photography business in Cardiff. She wants her adverts to align with the keywords ‘wedding photographer Cardiff discount’, as she’s offering 25% off at the moment.

Can you order the following advert headings from best to worst in terms of how well they align with the keywords?

A. Cardiff wedding photographer – 25% discount

B. Cardiff wedding photographer

C. Discount wedding

D. Wedding

3. What makes a good keyword

To increase her Quality Score, Michelle is thinking about the best keywords and phrases to use.

Cross off the keywords which she shouldn’t use.

A. Wedding Photography Cardiff

B. Cardiff weddings

C. Wedding photography business based in Cardiff

4. Make your ads stand out

Michelle is writing her search ad for her wedding photography business. She wants to make sure it stands out.

Which of these text statements would work best as an ad?

A. Cardiff wedding photography. Get 25% off your first order. Make your reservation now.

B. Wedding photographer. Cardiff-based photographer specializes in outdoor weddings and scenic locations. Book now!

C. Welsh wedding pics. Want great wedding pics? Cardiff-based photographer, Michelle, available for hire.

5. Search engine marketing can also be called what?

A. Pay-per-click advertising

B. Organic advertising

C. Search box marketing

D. One-click advertising

6. In an SEM auction, your Quality Score is based on which aspect of your ad?

A. Bid

B. Relevance

C. Wit

D. Length

7. Fill in the blank: It’s possible to determine how well a/an ___________ will perform without bidding on it.

A. Auction

B. Website

C. Keyword

D. Advert

8. What should your search ad have in order to promote more clicks?

A. A call to action

B. A catchy headline

C. A close-up photo

D. A social media link

Google Digital Garage Module 8 Question Answers – Make Search Work For You Answers FAQ

Q. What is covered in Module 8?

A. The topic of search engine marketing (SEM) is covered in module 8 of the Google Digital Garage course. SEM is a form of internet advertising that enables companies to have their adverts appear when Google users search for pertinent keywords.

Q. How long does Module 8 take to finish?

A. Depending on your particular learning style and the amount of time you have available, Module 8 will take you a different length of time to finish. However, the majority of people ought to be able to finish the module in 2 to 3 hours.

Q. How valuable is Module 8?

A. The value of Module 8 will vary depending on your unique objectives and requirements. However, Module 8 is a useful resource if you want to learn more about SEM and how to utilize it to expand your business.


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