Aligarh Muslim University Continuation

Aligarh Muslim University Continuation 2021-2022

Continuation refers to the process of registering oneself for the further year, like from 1st to 2nd year. This is for the students already enrolled in the university. To attain registration, students are required to fill the continuation form and fulfil the fee submission process. Every semester, students are supposed to do general registration, where the students are supposed to fill a form to register oneself as being entered to the next semester where you are not required to submit any fee.

Now things have shifted its mode to online, the process of form and fee submission happens in that mode only. In AMU, students are supposed to attend the following steps in order to complete your continuation process:-

  • When you enter the following year, there comes a notification from the controller office with the signature that the continuation forms are available now, and students can complete them. The notice is uploaded on the site. Students should keep checking the site for that. Before that notice, no one can initiate that process. Hence, it is essential to be aware of whether the continuation forms are accessible or not.
  • Once the notice is directed, go to the AMU site,, and see the examination section. Under that, you will find the link written as Continuation/Re-admission or Examinations Form. You need to click that link.
  • After clicking that, students’ login will come to your screen. You are supposed to fill in the enrolment number and password and sign in there.
  • There is an alternate way to reach students’ login. Type amu reps on Google, and you will get your login section.
  • After logging in, the form you are supposed to fill will appear. It has
  • Your course name- Fill your full course name. For e.g. B.A (hons) English.

  • Your Faculty Number- xxxxx

  • Session- Like 2020-21

  • Semester- Odd. For continuation, the year starts from odd semester in AMU.

  • Although, some areas like course name and faculty number are already filled as the form is online where they already have the students’ record. But sometimes, misinformation is there. So, it is better to go through them and correct if there is any mistake. Also, they already have the photo, signature and thumbprint record.

  • After that, students are supposed to fill in the subject codes. This is a very crucial section of the form. Even a digit mistake might make you appear for the wrong paper examination. The paper or subject code list is uploaded on the site, or the syllabus that you download of your subjects already has the paper code mentioned. E.g. ENB4** for one of the English papers.
  • After this, you recheck and cross-check your entered details, then click the submit button.
  • In the next step, you shall download the registered form to have a record for yourself. The three-bar type icon would be r that, on the top left icon; click that, and a range of items would appear. Click on registration, and there is an option that says Generate Registration PDF would be there. Click that, and your pdf will be with you.
  • Also, once you are done with the continuation form thing in the odd semester; then while registering in the time of even semester; the transaction column might show for payment. In that case, you are not supposed to do anything regarding that. Fee submission is done once in a year for both the semesters. Once, you have paid the fees, you are done for the entire year.

Things to Remember during and after the continuation process

  • Always get the hardcopy of the transaction details.

  • Don’t register and re-register repeatedly due to mistakes in filling the form. This might create some obstacle for you. That’s why make sure you go through each of the details carefully before submitting.


    Students are notified of a particular deadline by which they are supposed to complete their continuation process. The submission date might be extended, but till the last date, all the registrations are to be done. After that, the university charges a fine for late fee submission.

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