his is a series of three caselets that would help highlight the issues involved in rebranding, especially a corporate rebranding exercise.

The Power of Rebranding Lessons from Three Indian Companies

Rebranding is a strategic decision that many companies undertake to revitalize their image and adapt to changing market dynamics. In this blog post, we will explore three intriguing caselets from India, shedding light on the challenges, rationales, and outcomes of major rebranding exercises. Through these examples, we will gain valuable insights into the world of rebranding and its impact on well-established brands, with a specific focus on the banking sector in India.

Section 1: 'Hindustan Lever Limited' Rebrands as 'Hindustan Unilever Limited'

In this caselet, we delve into the rebranding journey of Hindustan Lever Limited, one of India’s largest consumer goods companies. We examine the reasons behind the decision to rebrand and the challenges faced during the transition. Additionally, we analyze the marketing communication campaign executed by the ad agency, exploring its effectiveness and the impact on consumer perception.

Section 2: 'UTI Bank' Rebrands as 'Axis Bank'

The second case takes us into the world of banking, as we explore the rebranding of UTI Bank to Axis Bank. We uncover the factors that led to the decision to rebrand and the unique challenges faced within the banking industry. Moreover, we examine the strategic approach taken by Axis Bank to communicate the rebranding to its customers and stakeholders, highlighting key lessons learned from this exercise.

Section 3: The Rebranding of 'Hutch' to 'Vodafone'

Our final case focuses on the telecom sector, specifically the rebranding of Hutch to Vodafone. We analyze the reasons behind this significant transformation and the implications for the company in a highly competitive market. By examining the marketing strategies employed during this rebranding exercise, we gain valuable insights into how telecom rebranding differs from other industries.


Rebranding is a complex and impactful process that requires careful consideration and execution. Through the exploration of these three caselets, we have gained valuable lessons on the challenges, rationales, and outcomes of rebranding exercises in the Indian market. Whether it is a consumer goods giant like Hindustan Unilever, a banking institution like Axis Bank, or a telecom company like Vodafone, the power of rebranding is evident. By understanding these experiences, we can navigate the intricacies of rebranding and make informed decisions when it comes to shaping the image and perception of our own brands. Also got to know about the Maruti Suzuki’s Advertising Strategies: Driving Success in the Indian Passenger Car Industry