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Pet Exam Full Form

Pet Exam Full Form stands for Preliminary English Test, a standardised English language competency test. It is intended for intermediate-level students and is designed to evaluate the test-taker’s proficiency in using English in everyday contexts. The exam, which covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities, is accepted as evidence of English language competency by many educational institutions and employers around the world.

A test-taker’s capacity to speak effectively in English in a range of contexts is demonstrated by passing it. It creates new possibilities for advancing one’s education or profession. We will examine the crucial dates, prerequisites, application procedure, exam structure, and other information in this article.

Pet Exam Full Form

Important Exam Dates

The Pet Exam Full Form is given on a variety of days throughout the year, depending on the location and authorized screening centre. For the most recent and correct information on the exam dates, it is crucial to contact the relevant school or testing location. To stay informed about the Civil Court Exam date and any Pet Exam, regularly visit the official website of the relevant district court or refer to the official recruitment notifications. 

Form of Application

You must complete the application form in order to register for the PET exam. You can obtain the application form from the official Cambridge Assessment English website or a licensed testing facility close to you. Your name, phone number, and identification number are among the personal information that must be entered into the form. Additionally, you must select the PET exam’s desired time and location.

Fee for Applications

Depending on the location and accredited exam centre, the application price for the Pet Exam Full Form exam may change. For the most recent and correct information regarding the application fee, it is crucial to contact the relevant school or testing location.

How Do You Apply for a PET?

The typical steps to apply for the PET exam are as follows:

  • To obtain the PET application form, go to the official Cambridge Assessment English website or a nearby certified exam location.
  • Name, contact information, and identification number should all be entered into the application form.
  • Select the PET exam’s chosen time and location.
  • Submit the application form that is fully filled out and pay the exam fee, which varies depending on the location and authorized centre.
  • The exam centre will send you a confirmation email or letter with your exam date, location, and other crucial facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PET?

A. Preliminary English Test, or PET. It’s a standardized test of English language competency that the University of Cambridge offers.

Q. How does PET operate?

A. PET measures the test-taker’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in context. It evaluates the capacity to use English successfully in a range of circumstances.

Q. What are the applications of PET?

A. Many institutions and employers throughout the world accept PET as evidence of English language proficiency. Opportunities for academic or professional progress may become available.

Eligibility Requirements

The following qualifications must be met in order to take the Pet Exam:

  • Exam level: The PET tests English language skills at CEFR Level B1 and is an intermediate-level exam.
  • Language ability: Applicants must be able to speak in everyday contexts and have a basic understanding of the English language.
  • Schooling requirements: The PET exam does not have any formal schooling prerequisites.

PET Admission Card

The Pet Exam Full Form admit card is a significant document that includes the candidate’s name, picture, and details about the exam’s date, time, and place. A few weeks before the test day, the PET admit card is usually made available. The admission card is available for download from the official exam website or in-person pickup at the testing location.

PET Exam Format

The four sections of the Pet Exam Full Form exam are reading, writing, hearing, and speaking. Here is a summary of the test format:

  • Reading: There are a total of 32 questions in the three segments of the reading section. This portion will take roughly an hour of your time.
  • Writing: There are two elements to the writing section. Candidates are required to produce a brief message or note for Part 1 and a longer composition for Part 2. This portion will take about 45 minutes to complete.
  • Listening: There are a total of 25 questions in the four segments of the listening section. This part will take about 30 minutes to complete.

PET Cut Off

Since the Pet Exam Full Form is graded on a pass/fail basis rather than a percentile basis, there is no official cut-off. Candidates must obtain a minimum score of 45 out of 100 on each segment of the PET exam and a total score of at least 140 out of 200 in order to pass. The cutoff scores for recognizing PET certificates as evidence of English competence, however, may vary between universities or organizations. Depending on the institution or organization and the needed degree of English ability, these cutoffs may change.


For students studying at the intermediate level, the Pet Exam Full Form is a useful tool for determining English language competency. It can create new prospects for academic or professional growth and is acknowledged by colleges and employers everywhere. Understanding the key dates, prerequisites, application procedure, exam format, and other information detailed in this article will help you better prepare for the PET exam and demonstrate your command of the English language. Good fortune!