How to Crack NEET Exam

In India, the NEET exam serves as the standard admission exam for MBBS programs. Due to the yearly increase in competitiveness, passing NEET on your first attempt with a reasonable rank is difficult. The stress of overseeing board exams is also there for people who are learning How to Crack NEET Exam for the first time.

How to Crack NEET Exam

Tips to clear NEET 2024 in the first attempt

  • The most important thing when getting ready for the NEET is to dedicate oneself.
  • Keep in mind that the road to NEET is lengthy. There will be difficulties, including demotivation, health problems, and family troubles. Make sure your academics don’t suffer during those challenging days.
  • Avoid self-doubt. Work on gaps rather than letting them demotivate you.
  • Be constant in your studies for the NEET. The secret to succeeding in any entrance test, including NEET, is consistency.
  • Don’t consider the outcome. Spend this time studying rather than wasting it worrying about the outcomes. The outcomes will naturally get better. There is no chance that your future will be better if you are not working in the present. Single-out preparedness.

Subject-wise preparation tips for NEET

We all know that the three main parts of the NEET test are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. For each subject in this category, preparatory guidance is available. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Pass the NEET Physics exam on your first try

To prepare for the NEET 2024 Physics test, create a study plan and understand the syllabus. Utilize reliable sources to hone your problem-solving skills with numbers. Finding practical answers that consider time management can be beneficial to you! Improve your preparation by solving previous years’ papers, and take practice tests to see how you’re doing. Remember that revision is essential. Any complex concepts should be explained by your elders or mentors.

How to crack NEET Exam on the first attempt: Prepare a timetable

The first step in preparing for a NEET UG 2024 test should be to create a timetable that will aid candidates in scheduling their time according to topics or subjects. The applicants must ensure that the timetable is carefully followed. The schedule should be created to include the subjects that may be altered repeatedly How to Crack NEET Exam. This plan will assist candidates pass the NTA NEET 2024 on their first attempt and provide them with a clear view of their schedule for the upcoming months.

  • Divide your time: When formulating a plan for passing the NEET-UG exam on the first try, candidates should divide their time so that each session receives an acceptable amount of time. Give priority to and carefully study the key subjects. When studying for extended periods of time, remember to take short rests.
  •  Establish timelines: Considering there are still a few months before the NEET test, deciding when to finish a topic and the entire curriculum would be helpful. Candidates should simultaneously set both smaller and broader goals for themselves. Candidates will benefit from knowing the subjects covered each day through shorter objectives while recognizing the amount of material they must study through longer goals Ways How to Crack NEET Exam
  •  Study Material: Gather the necessary reading for NEET 2024 preparation. There are many of books available, however for competitive examinations like the NEET, one should be aware of the study materials that are important. The finest books for the NEET are the NCERT textbooks for Classes 11 and 12.

NEET Exam Pattern

  • It has 180 questions and 180 minutes.
    This means you are given one minute to solve every question. However, this is not a uniform distribution.
    If you plan to take the NEET exam following your boards, this might not be the best choice. Simply put, there isn’t much of a difference between the NEET syllabus and board exams. The method for drafting replies is, however, different. How to Crack NEET Exam It is feasible to complete multiple-choice questions on the NEET test if you’ve been able to complete subjective questions in your board examinations. The NCERT textbooks are used for all of the questions.

How to crack NEET Exam: Study and Examine

The NEET UG 2024 candidates must be aware that it is a competitive test and that memorizing the ideas will not be effective. For the NEET questions, one must study diligently but also wisely because one needs a fundamental comprehension of the subjects. After thoroughly delving into each topic, one should reflect on their stance and answer any queries.

• Thorough Study – Try to take notes on every subject being discussed to help you comprehend it better. At the time of the revision, this will be advantageous. Since the majority of the How to Crack NEET Exam 2024 is covered by the NCERT textbooks, applicants must make sure they are completely conversant with each topic.

• Assess your performance: Spend some time reviewing the material. Make flashcards if applicants have problems recalling the ideas. Make a list of all your doubts as they arise and consult the manuals and books for assistance. This will be useful in examining each day’s performance, and in this case, his or her best judgment may apply.

NEET UG Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from the general category must get at least the 50th percentile on the NEET in order to pass.
  • Candidates from ST, SC, and other underprivileged groups must get at least a 40th percentile on the NEET.
  • The required score to pass the test changes every year.
  • Making yourself believe in your ability to pass the NEET exam on your first try is the first step. Never look on others for approval. Never forget that thinking positively may create significant change.
  • When attending lessons, be prompt and consistent. Do not apologize.
  • Time management and quickness are crucial for NEET preparation.
  • Attend mocks on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Go queue by queue through NCERT.


Consistent work, dedication, and a well-organized study schedule are necessary to succeed in NEET. Your odds of success can be greatly increased by comprehending the test format, emphasizing conceptual clarity, practicing frequently, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Always stay motivated, ask for help when you need it, and have faith in your own ability. How to Crack NEET Exam and pursue a career in medicine if you take the appropriate attitude and study hard for it. We have also made an Article selected in AMU M.B.B.S please check it.