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Google Digital Garage Module 24 Answers – Build Your Online Shop Answers

Are you in need of Google Digital Garage Module 24 Question Answers – Build Your Online Shop Answers? If so, you can discover the Turn Data Into Insights questions and answers from the Google Garage quiz on digital marketing right here. You may use this page to aid you with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Quiz Module 23 Answers.

There are a total of 6 questions. The right responses are highlighted in blue. You may use these solutions as a suggestion and pass the test just as I did by following the instructions in this post to pass Module 24 of the Google Digital Garage Test.

Google Digital Garage Module 24 Question Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 24 Check Your Knowledge

1. Using e-commerce to sell

Jo owns a furniture shop, and she’s just started using the internet to boost sales. She has some ideas on what to do to sell products on her website. Help Jo decide on one idea and cross off the rest.

A. Publish her inventory on a third party site

B. A forum to get feedback on her services

C. Use a money transfer provider to take customer payments online

2. Taking payments and manage orders

Jo wants to create a fully functional online store. Can you check which of the following features are available in most fully functional online stores?

A. Order management via a backend system – Yes

B. Customer reviews pane – Yes

C. Products browser – Yes

D. Over-the-phone payments via a web-based calling system – No

3. What would be beneficial to include on a product description page?

A. Previous versions of the product

B. Links to other suppliers

C. Reviews of the product

D. Price comparisons

4.Which of the following is an advantage of e-commerce?

A. More relaxed checkout procedure

B. Low operational costs

C. Minimal interaction required with the customer

D. Segmentation of audiences

5. To an owner or administrator, what is a functional benefit of having an online store?

A. It collects the addresses of your online store visitors

B. It provides a backend system with order management

C. It provides a quicker checkout process than a physical store

D. It allows you to feature more sales and discounts than a physical store

6. What is the name of the process that describes what happens when a customer is taken to a separate site to complete a transaction before being sent back to the original site again?

A. Second-party payment processing

B. Third-party payment processing

C. External payment processing

D. Internal payment processing

Google Digital Garage Module 24 Answers – Build Your Online Shop Answers FAQ

Q. How long does Module 24 take to finish?

A. Module 24 takes 30 minutes to finish on average. The amount of time it really takes to finish the lesson will change, though, based on your personal learning preferences and background.

Q. What materials are offered for Module 24?

A. For Module 24, the following materials are accessible:

  • The course material, which consists of videos, essays, and exams
  • The Google Digital Garage community, where you may seek advice from other students and ask questions
  • The Google Digital Garage blog offers extra tools and knowledge on digital marketing.


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