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Google Digital Garage Module 21 Question Answers – Get Started With Analytics Answers

Do you need Google Digital Garage Module 21 Question Answers – Get Started With Analytics Answers? If so, you can discover the answers to the Get Started With Analytics questions from the Google Garage quiz on digital marketing here. You can use this material to help you with the Module 21 Quiz’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Questions and Answers.

There are a total of 6 questions. The right responses are highlighted in blue. You may use these solutions as a suggestion and pass the test just as I did by following the instructions in this post to pass Module 21 of the Google Digital Garage Test.

Google Digital Garage Module 21 Question Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 21 Question Answers Check Your Knowledge

1. What is web analytics?

Linda runs a guesthouse with a website where people can book their rooms online. She’s been using web analytics to monitor how customers interact with her website. Linda uses the information to improve the site and the visitor’s experience. Take a look at the following terms – do you know what they mean in the web analytics world?

A. Time spent on site – Metric

B. Visitor’s device type – Dimension

C. Visitor’s location – Dimension

D. Signing up to the newsletter – Conversion

2. Making web analytics work for you

Linda’s analytics data shows people unsubscribing from her newsletter after two weeks. These people also aren’t booking rooms at her guesthouse. Linda gets some advice from her friends. Whose advice should she take?

A. “Stop sending newsletters as people aren’t reading them”

B. “Review the content of the newsletters to check they’re suitable”

C. “Check you’re not sending too many newsletters”

D. “Send more newsletters reminding customers to book a room”

3. Tracking specific goals with web analytics

Linda runs a guesthouse and has been using analytics to gather information about how people interact with her website.

She’s recently revamped her newsletter, and has made the site responsive to appeal to users on mobile devices.

Which elements of the analytics should Linda focus on to measure the effectiveness of her changes?

A. Number of visits to the site per month

B. Number of site pages users explore on average

C. Amount of time visitors spend on the site

D. Number of people clicking on the links in her newsletters

E. Percentage of orders made on smartphones and tablets

4. Fill in the blank: Website analytics can tell you _____________.

A. What time of day your website gets the most traffic

B. How many mentions or likes you get on social media

C. How well your competitor’s ad campaigns are doing

D. The email addresses of visitors to your landing pages

5. Analytics can give you immediate valuable information about which type of customers?

A. Previous and current customers

B. Current and future customers

C. Previous and future customers

D. Offline and online customers

6. If your key business goal is to get people to book rooms at your guesthouse, what data are you most likely to be interested in?

A. How long people spend on your ‘How To Find Us’ page

B. Which day of the week is most popular for bookings

C. Whether your funny Tweet goes viral

D. How many people visiting your site book a room with you

Google Digital Garage Module 21 Question Answers – Get Started With Analytics Answers FAQ

Q. What does Google Digital Garage Module 21 entail?

A. The 21st module of Google Digital Garage is titled “Get Started with Analytics.” It instructs you on the fundamentals of web analytics, such as what it is, how it functions, and how to use it to monitor website traffic and evaluate marketing efforts.

Q. How long does Module 21 take to finish?

A. Depending on how you study best and how much time you have, Module 21 will take you a different length of time to finish. However, the majority of people ought to be able to finish the module in 2 to 3 hours.

Q. Are These Answers Accurate?

A. All of these answers are true in every way.


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