Google Digital Garage Module 17 Question Answers – Connect Through Email Answers

Are you in need of Google Digital Garage Module 17 Question Answers – Connect Through Email Answers? If so, you can find the Connect Through Email questions and answers from the Google Garage quiz on digital marketing right here. You may use this material to aid you with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Quiz Questions and Answers.

There are a total of 10 questions. The right responses are highlighted in blue. You may use these solutions as a suggestion and pass the test just as I did by following the instructions in this post to pass Module 17 of the Google Digital Garage Test.

Google Digital Garage Module 17 Question Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 17 Question Answers Check Your Knowledge

1. Email marketing basics

Steph runs an online pet supplies shop, and she has some ideas about how email marketing can help her business. Two of her ideas are correct and two are not. Can you weed out the wrong ones?

A. It’s a good way of keeping customers informed about products

B. It helps customers talk to each other via email

C. It will let me send info about dog-related products to customers who have dogs

D. It lets customers email me if they have problems or questions

2. Your email marketing options

Steph is thinking about using an email marketing service to help her send out marketing emails for her pet supplies store. What benefits are there to using an email marketing service?

A. They make it easier for customers to sign up to receive marketing emails

B. They can help you create a customer database

C. They write marketing emails for you

D. They make it straightforward to send out personalized emails

3. Crafting great marketing emails

Steph is writing a marketing email to send out to customers who have bought puppy food and toys from her online shop. Which of the following options should she select to use in the subject line of the email?

A. Hi John, do you have a new puppy?

B. Save ££££s on PUPPY FOOD!!!!

C. MEGASALE on food for PUPZ!

4. Managing successful email campaigns

Steph is curious to learn how her customers react to email marketing campaigns. What kind of analytics data might she expect to get from her recent email marketing action?

A. Open rates

B. Clickthrough rates

C. Weekly sales

D. Trash rates

5. Measuring success in email marketing

Amelia is a marketing assistant at a big clothing brand, and has just sent out her first email marketing campaign. She takes a look at the Click Through Rate, to understand how many people clicked on a link in the email in order to land on her website. What is the drawback of this metric?

A. The reason for the rate being higher or lower is not known

B. The less people that open the email, the lower the rate

C. It doesn’t track the number of bounces

6. Which of the following will you need to start an email marketing program?

A. A collection of email templates

B. A ‘Contact Us’ form

C. A way to collect people’s email addresses

D. A set budget

7. Which of the following is a common feature of email marketing platforms?

A. Personalized, custom templates

B. A free list of email addresses you can target

C. A feature allowing users to unsubscribe from your emails

D. Automation of your search ad campaigns

8. Which of these is a good practice to keep in mind when sending emails to your contacts?

A. Run an A/B test on your subject line to determine which one works best

B. Send the same generic and simple message to your entire contact database

C. Include enough content in the email so there is no need for them to click away to read further elsewhere.

D. Only include a call to action on the landing page you’re linking to in the email

9. If the open rate of your emails seems low, which of the following could help you fix that?

A. Redesign your website

B. Change the color of the buttons inside your email

C. Send your emails to more contacts

D. Adjust the subject line of your email

10. Which of the following statements is true when it comes to running email campaigns for a business?

A. There’s no need to use sponsored ads within your email marketing

B. There’s no need for analytics when it comes to email marketing

C. You need to include personal contact details

D. You can use any imagery, despite the copyright

Google Digital Garage Module 17 Question Answers – Connect Through Email Answers FAQ

Q. What does Google Digital Garage Module 17 entail?

A. The “Connect through email” module (17) teaches you the fundamentals of email marketing. This covers the creation of a contact list, the creation of compelling emails, and the administration of fruitful email campaigns.

Q. How long does Module 17 take to finish?

A. Depending on your particular learning style, Module 17 may take you a different length of time to finish. However, the majority of individuals ought to be able to do it in 30 to 60 minutes.

Q. Where do I go to learn more about Module 17?

A. On the Google Digital Garage website, you can learn more about Module 17. You may utilize the website’s extensive curriculum and other learning tools to learn more about email marketing.


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