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Burger King's 'Subservient Chicken' Marketing Campaign: A Viral Triumph"

Case study Burger King's 'Subservient Chicken

Burger King is no stranger to innovative marketing campaigns, but one that truly captured the attention of the masses was the ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign. Launched five years ago, this viral sensation took the internet by storm and forever changed the way we perceive marketing. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of the campaign, analyze its impact, and explore the advantages and disadvantages of using viral marketing as a strategy.

Section 1: Happy Fifth Birthday, Subservient Chicken!

As we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign, it’s important to reflect on its success and enduring legacy. This groundbreaking marketing endeavor combined humor, interactivity, and a touch of weirdness to create an unforgettable experience for viewers.

Section 2: About Burger King

Before we dive deeper into the ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign, let’s take a moment to understand Burger King as a brand. Known for their bold and sometimes controversial marketing tactics, Burger King has always strived to differentiate itself from its competitors. This commitment to standing out played a significant role in the success of the ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign.

Section 3: Burger King's Earlier Marketing Campaigns

To fully appreciate the impact of the ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign, it’s essential to examine Burger King’s earlier marketing endeavors. From the iconic ‘Have It Your Way’ slogan to the memorable ‘Whopper Freakout’ campaign, Burger King has consistently pushed boundaries and embraced unconventional approaches. These earlier campaigns set the stage for the audaciousness that was to come with the ‘Subservient Chicken.’  

Section 4: The Challenge

Launching a viral marketing campaign is not without its challenges. In the case of Burger King’s ‘Subservient Chicken,’ one of the primary obstacles was capturing and retaining audience attention in a saturated digital landscape. Additionally, ensuring the campaign aligned with the brand’s values and resonated with the target audience was crucial for its success.

Section 5: The 'Subservient Chicken' Campaign

Now, let’s explore the ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign itself. Created by advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the campaign featured a website where users could interact with a person dressed in a chicken suit, seemingly willing to perform any command. The mysterious and slightly bizarre nature of the campaign captured the curiosity and imagination of viewers, leading to widespread sharing and engagement.

Section 6: Initial Reactions and the Results

The initial reactions to the ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign were a mix of confusion, intrigue, and amusement. The campaign generated significant buzz and quickly went viral, resulting in millions of views and shares across various platforms. Burger King successfully tapped into the power of word-of-mouth marketing, with people eagerly sharing the link with their friends and family


In conclusion, Burger King’s ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign stands as a shining example of the potential of viral marketing. By embracing creativity, interactivity, and a touch of quirkiness, Burger King successfully captured the attention of a vast audience and created a campaign that continues to be remembered and celebrated even years later. While there were challenges along the way, the ‘Subservient Chicken’ campaign demonstrated the enormous potential of viral marketing when executed effectively. Also get to know about Mercedes-Benz India: Approach to Capturing a Younger Segment case study