BMW's "Company of Ideas" Campaign: Targeting the "Creative Class"

Case Study: BMW's "Company of Ideas" Campaign

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, car manufacturers constantly seek innovative ways to engage with new customer segments. BMW of North America LLC, a renowned brand known for its “Ultimate Driving Machine,” embarked on a unique advertising campaign called the “Company of Ideas.” This blog post aims to delve into the rationale behind this campaign, understand the marketing communication strategies employed, and explore the challenges faced by a well-established brand in changing its brand image and positioning.

Section 1: "Fixing What Ain't Broken"?

Before diving into the specifics of BMW’s “Company of Ideas” campaign, it is crucial to recognize the background context. BMW has built a strong reputation over the years, positioning itself as a luxury brand associated with performance, precision, and engineering excellence. However, the automotive landscape is evolving, and brands must adapt to the changing preferences of consumers. This section explores the need for BMW to explore new avenues and target different customer segments.

Section 2: Background Note

To fully comprehend BMW’s foray into targeting the “creative class,” it is essential to understand the concept itself. The term “creative class” refers to a group of individuals known for their involvement in innovative and creative industries. This section provides an overview of the characteristics and significance of the creative class, highlighting why it is an attractive target for BMW.

Section 3: BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW has long positioned itself as the brand that offers the ultimate driving experience. This section delves into the core values and attributes that have shaped BMW’s brand image over the years. By emphasizing precision, performance, and technological advancements, BMW has cultivated a loyal customer base. However, to expand its reach and tap into new markets, BMW recognized the need to complement its existing positioning with a fresh perspective.

Section 4: Going Beyond the "Yuppies"

Traditionally, BMW has been associated with the “yuppie” culture, appealing to young urban professionals seeking a blend of luxury and performance. However, the “Company of Ideas” campaign aimed to broaden BMW’s appeal beyond this specific demographic. This section explores the motivations behind this strategic shift and the opportunities it presents for the brand.

Section 5: Targeting the "Creative Class"

With a clear understanding of the creative class and BMW’s existing brand positioning, this section delves into the specifics of BMW’s approach to target this unique segment. By aligning itself with the values and aspirations of the creative class, BMW aimed to create an emotional connection and capture their attention through innovative marketing strategies.

Section 6: The "Company of Ideas" Campaign

The centerpiece of BMW’s efforts to target the creative class was the “Company of Ideas” campaign. This section provides an in-depth analysis of the campaign, exploring its key components, messaging, and the channels used to reach the target audience. From thought-provoking advertisements to engaging social media content, the campaign aimed to position BMW as a brand that resonates with the creative mindset.

Section 7: Reactions To The Campaign

Every marketing campaign elicits a range of responses, and BMW’s “Company of Ideas” campaign was no exception. This section examines the reactions to the campaign, both positive and negative, and highlights the lessons that can be learned from the feedback received. By understanding the impact and perception of the campaign, BMW can refine its future marketing strategies.


In conclusion, BMW’s “Company of Ideas” campaign represents a strategic endeavor to expand the brand’s reach beyond its traditional target audience. By embracing the creative class and adopting innovative marketing communication strategies, BMW aimed to create a new narrative that resonates with this unique segment. While challenges and risks accompany such brand image transformations, BMW’s “Company of Ideas” campaign showcases the brand’s willingness to adapt and connect with evolving consumer preferences. Also got to know about the Maruti Suzuki’s Advertising Strategies: Driving Success in the Indian Passenger Car Industry