This page covered AMU Notes of Paper “Health Education and Environmental Studies” Which is AMU B.P.Ed. Paper covered Below Syllabus,


Health Education

1.1 Concept, Dimensions, Spectrum and Determination of Health
1.2 Definition of Health, Health Education, Health instruction, Health Supervision
1.3 Principles of Health Education
1.4 Health Service and guidance instruction in personal hygiene


Health Problems in India
2.1 Communication and Non Communicable Diseases
2.2 Malnutrition, Adulteration in food, Environmental sanitation, Explosive Population,
2.3 Personal and Environmental Hygiene for schools
2.4 Health Services- Care of Skin, Nails, Eye health service, Nutritional service, Health appraisal, Health record, Health record, Health school environment, first-aid and emergency care etc.


Environmental Science
3.1 Definition, Scope, Need and Importance of environmental Studies.
3.2 Concept of environmental education, Historical background of environmental
3.3 Celebration of various days in relation with environment.
3.4 Role of school in environmental conservation and sustainable development.


Natural Resources and related Environmental Issues:
4.1 Water resources, food resources and Land resources
4.2 Definition, effects and control measures of: Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution
4.3 Definition, effects and control measures of: Noise Pollution, Thermal Pollution
4.4 Management of Environment of environment and Govt. Policies, Role of pollution control Board.

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