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This page covered AMU Notes of Paper “Anatomy and Physiology Notes” Which is AMU B.P.Ed. Paper covered Below Syllabus,


1.1 Validation of Anatomy and Physiology in the field of Physical Education
1.2 Structural and functional Demonstration of human cell
1.3 Skeletal System-classification and functions
1.4 Anatomical term releted to Body movements
1.5 Structure and typesnof bones,joints in human body;Effects of exercise on skeletal system

2.1 Structure and function of Muscles
2.2 Major classification of Muscle
2.3 Types of muscle fiber and sliding filament theory of Muscular Contraction
2.4 Types of musclar contraction (Isotonic,Isometric,Isokinetic) and their roles in physical activity.
2.5 Concept of agonist and antagonist muscles and muscles and muscle imbalance;Effect of exercise on muscular system

3.1 Structure and functional introduction to circulatory system
3.2 Concept of stroke volume, cardiac out,and cardiac index;Effect of exercise on circulatory system
3.3 Respiratory System (structural and orginational overview);Functional mechanism of respiration
(External and Internal Respiration)
3.4 Lung volumes and capacities and their role in physical activities
3.5 Concept of recovery oxygen and second wind;Effects of exercise on respiratory system


4.1 Structural units functional mechanism of digestive system and excretory system
4.2 Effect of exercise on Digestic System and Excretory System
4.3 Classification of Nervous system on the basis of its structure and function
4.4 Structural overview of Synapse,Functional interpretation of neuro-musclar junction and all or
None law
4.5 Effect of exercise on nervous system

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