This page covered AMU Notes of Paper “History, Principles and Foundation of Physical Education Notes” Which is AMU B.P.Ed. Paper covered Below Syllabus

Please Note: This paper have only 3 unit Notes that's why we have reduce the Price. Please see the below syllabus that we have covered topic. Some of the topics are not covered.

Introduction to Physical Education
1.1 Meaning, Definition and Scope of Physical Education
1.2 Aims and Objective Of Physical Education
1.3 Importance of Physical Education in Present era.
1.4 Misconceptions about Physical Education
1.5 Relationship of Physical Education with General Education.

Historical Development of Physical Education in India
2.1 Vedic Period (2500 BC-600 BC)
2.2 Early Hindu Period (600 BC – 320 AD) and Later Hindu Period (320 AD -1000 AD)
2.3 Rajpoot Period /Mughal Period
2.4 British Period (Before 1947)
2.5 Physical Education In India (After 1947)
2.6 Y.M.C.A. and Its contribution.
2.7 The early History of the Olympic movement
2.8 The Significant stages in the development of the modern Olympic Movement
2.9 Educational and cultural values of Olympic movement

Philosophical Foundation of Physical Education
3.1 Philosophical foundation: Idealism, Pragmatism, Naturalism, Realism.
3.4 Sports for all and its role in the maintenance and promotion of fitness.

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