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List of topics covered in the Notes,

Unit-I Commercial Banking
Meaning and functions of commercial banks; Balance sheet; Process of credit creation– purpose
and limitations, liabilities and assets of banks; NPAs of Indian Commercial Banks;
Modernisation of Indian Banking System; Commercial Banking in India: structure,
nationalization and reforms, Role of commercial banks in a developing economy, Jan
Dhanyojana; Role of private banking in India; Microfinance: Concept and progress in India.

Unit-II Central Banking
Meaning and functions of Central bank; Objectives and methods of credit control-quantitative
and qualitative methods; Role and functions of Reserve Bank of India; Monetary Policy:
Objectives, Targets and indicators, Current monetary policy of India; Indian money market:
components and limitations; Non-Banking Financial Intermediaries: meaning and role in
economic development.

This content is for B.A ECB-252, Banking Theory and Policy members only.
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