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Going Brazilian: The latest Ambushing Adidas FIFA World Cup ad is rousing

The world of sports marketing is a competitive battlefield, and every major sporting event becomes a battleground for brands vying for attention. In the realm of football, the FIFA World Cup is the ultimate stage, where global giants Ambushing Adidas and Nike engage in an intense rivalry. In 2018, Nike unleashed their ‘Going Brazilian’ campaign, aiming to make a lasting impact during the tournament. This blog post explores the campaign, its effectiveness, and the controversies surrounding it.

About Nike:

Before diving into the campaign, let’s take a moment to understand Nike’s significance in the sporting world. Nike, founded in 1964, has become a powerhouse in athletic apparel and footwear. With a strong emphasis on innovation, performance, and capturing the spirit of sports, Nike has established itself as a formidable competitor in the global market.

Nike's Past Marketing Campaigns:

Over the years, Nike has delivered memorable marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers. From the iconic “Just Do It” slogan to powerful athlete endorsements, Nike has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and inspiration. These past campaigns have laid the foundation for Nike’s reputation as a trendsetter and innovator in sports marketing.

'Vai na Brasileiragem' Campaign:

Nike’s ‘Vai na Brasileiragem’ campaign was specifically designed for the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia. The campaign focused on Brazil, a nation with an unmatched football legacy and a passionate fan base. Nike leveraged this opportunity to connect with football enthusiasts and showcase their commitment to the sport.

The Results:

Nike’s ‘Going Brazilian’ campaign generated significant buzz and engagement during the World Cup. The campaign featured a series of captivating advertisements, highlighting Brazilian football stars and their unique style of play. The use of vibrant visuals, catchy slogans, and social media activations helped Nike create an immersive experience for fans worldwide. The campaign successfully elevated Nike’s brand presence and reinforced their association with football.


However, Nike’s campaign was not without its fair share of criticism. Ambush marketing, a strategy where a brand attempts to associate itself with an event without official sponsorship, stirred controversy. Ambushing Adidas, the official sponsor of the World Cup, accused Nike of encroaching on their territory and diluting the exclusivity of their sponsorship rights. This led to legal battles and debates over the ethics of ambush marketing.


Nike’s ‘Vai na Brasileiragem’ campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup showcased the brand’s ability to captivate audiences and generate buzz. Through its creative advertisements and strategic use of social media, Nike successfully engaged football fans and reinforced its position as a leading sports brand. However, the controversy surrounding ambush marketing highlights the challenges brands face in leveraging major sporting events for marketing purposes. As the world continues to evolve, the role of social media as a cost-effective tool for marketing communication becomes increasingly vital. Nike’s campaign serves as a testament to the power of innovative marketing strategies in the ever-competitive world of sports branding. Also check out Zara’s Logo Redesign: A Bold Step into the Future?