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Digital Marketing refers to – “digitalization of advertisement and marketing.” This is done through digital drivers, such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. In other words, it can be interpreted as the means of approaching consumers through digital platforms. With the drastic change in the market scenarios of the world, the old and traditional methods of marketing have been replaced by this novel tool – Digital Marketing.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Aligarh

Aligarh, although, a small town located in western Uttar Pradesh, enjoys its geographical location. Situated at 120kms away from the national capital New Delhi, the city easily grabs the new culture and trends that make space in the metropolitan. Post-Jio period – that is after 2016, there has been a rise in the graph of digital users. Similarly, the scope of digital marketing to has skyrocketed correspondingly. There are various institutes available in Aligarh and its surroundings where the certification of the course is provided.

Digital Marketing and AMU

Aligarh Muslim University which provides several courses in different disciplines is still not able to meet the requirement of Digital Marketing. In the Department of Computer Centre, which is the hub of Informational Technology of AMU, unfortunately, Digital Marketing Course has not been able to register its place.

Why digital marketing is required?

For what reason is computerized advertising or digital marketing significant? Each organization will have diverse explicit objectives as a top priority, however, most are attempting to accomplish development by arriving at more customers and persuading them to buy. To do this viably, you need to exploit all the most important advertising assets and advances, and in the cutting-edge world, the Internet beat that rundown.

There used to be when creating and executing advertising efforts implied running promotions on TV and radio, and setting print advertisements in papers and magazines. Notwithstanding, as the universe of trade moves increasingly more toward an advanced commercial center, organizations presently have the chance to grow their reach and associate with their objective market through computerized showcasing strategies.

Any cutting edge brand that needs to excel in the current business environment should embrace digital marketing strategies as a component of their general system. This doesn’t imply that you need to scrap the customary print advertisements, particularly if your business is now seeing incredible reaction from these kinds of promotions. Nonetheless, by utilizing advanced promoting strategies in mix with your present customary showcasing systems, your business can begin to advance your lobbies for most extreme outcomes.

DigitalAlig – An institute for Digital Marketing in Aligarh

Merely collecting the digital marketing certificates is not enough. The proper training and continuous practice with profundity is important. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the institute, then choosing the right institute becomes paramount.

DigitalAlig is an institute, run by Mr Amir Mehmood, an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University from the Department of Business and Administration. He is an expert of Website DesigningSEOSMO, ORM, SMM, PPCGraphic Designing, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Video designing for BusinessAffiliate Marketing, Business Development Works in Digital Marketing, and so on.  DigitalAlig can be traced by visiting the website –

Courses Provided by DigitalAlig

Website Designing

Digital Alig 

is expert in teaching Website designing and digital marketing course in Aligarh. If you want to learn how to create a wonderful website from Scratch, connect yourself with Digitalalig’s 120 days Digital Marketing Course.

SEO (Search Engine optimization)

Building a Website is not enough for a person who wants to show his product to the target market for selling Purpose. Here SEO Course in Aligarh with DigitalAliG will help you generating organic traffic on the Website.

Graphic Designing

In this era of modern technology, Graphic Designing is easy to learn but choosing the right tool, colour and layout is a difficult task, that’s why it is said “Designing is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated”. Every developer needs logo, banners, images and other graphic material to make a beautiful website. Without knowing about graphic designing you cannot make an enchanting website. Graphic designing is like applying beautiful clothes on a living body.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing training in Aligarh is easy to learn with Digitalalig. Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest and still trending methods for a person who wants to earn the amount as a commission from the product parent company.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords or Google ads which is also known as “Pay Per Click” is likely opposite to Search Engine optimization. Where SEO is unpaid to rank the keywords but here at Google ads you need to pay the amount to Google for ranking your keywords in the search.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords or Google ads which is also known as “Pay Per Click” is likely opposite to Search Engine optimization. Where SEO is unpaid to rank the keywords but here at Google ads you need to pay the amount to Google for ranking your keywords in the search.

Mobile Video Editing

Video editing is common and easier these days. Thanks to the android for providing free applications at play store. Prior to this, video editing was not possible without purchasing premium software. DigitalAlig trains its students in creating well-optimized videos with beautiful creations.

Whiteboard Animation

Animation is one of the best method to attract the viewers. Animation is latest method of Visual marketing in which white board animation makes easy to portray the whole story that people like to show in a particular story ad. At DigitalAliG you will learn how to create white board Animation videos so you can attract your views to look more.